Be Someones Cleaning Angel This Year.

Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year From Big Ben Cleaning.

Give a gift, Get a bonus!

Professional carpet cleaning, tile, grout and furnace cleaning are services of inevitable maintenance that every home owner eventually has to do. 2020 has been a rough year for most of us and Big Ben Cleaning is helping you out.

When you purchase a gift certificate, redeemable for our services at a later date, we will give you an additional promotional bonus for 25% of the purchase value. As a helpful bonus we are kicking in an extra 25% bonus to give away as a gift to friends and family.

For example, you purchase a $100 gift certificate plus a promo bonus of $25 giving you a total of $125 that can be used for future services. Plus you will receive another $25 bonus promo for you to use for services at your convenience.

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Terms & Conditions

Conditions and Restrictions

1. Recipients of each certificate must be specified at the time of purchase with the minimum required contact information;
a. First and last name
b. Contact phone number
c. Email address

2. The gift certificate and promo bonuses must be used for services equal to or of greater value than the face value price of the certificate.

3. The two promo bonuses may not be used by the same person or household and cannot be combined.

4. The 25% promo bonuses must be used within one year of the date purchase and expires afterthat date.

5. Promotion bonuses are transferrable but the original recipient must give written authorization to do so (note or letter, email, text etc). The new recipient must have provide the minimum required contact information and consent to be contacted so that we can confirm usage or intent to use before expiry.

If you have any questions please give us a call 403-460-8989

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