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Having been serving communities in and around Calgary with top-rated home services since 1987, Big Ben Cleaning is proud to be part of what makes a happy, healthy home. We specialize particularly in duct and furnace cleaning services in Calgary. We are rated the top service provider when it comes to duct cleaning services in Calgary and the surrounding areas, and we also are happy to service Banff, Canmore, and the Rockies. 

Furnace & ducts are some of the hardest parts of a home to clean. Big Ben has the magic touch when it comes to Furnace & Duct cleaning in Calgary, Alberta. We are proud of our ability to get any homeowner back to healthy, joyful living with our professional-grade services. 

The experience of working with us is second-to-none, as we have been providing our services for several decades now. Our highly successful business model, customer service, and quality workmanship can be attributed to our professional team and utmost dedication to quality.  Click the button below for a quick estimate. 

Why is FURNACE & Duct cleaning so important?

Did you know that the average Albertan residence produces roughly 40 pounds of dust each year? No one loves the idea of the air they breathe in day-in and day-out being moved through filth-coated, disgusting passages. To keep your home as clean as possible, consider having your ducts and furnace cleaned professionally every 1-2 years. If you smoke in the house, own pets, or live in a dusty environment, you may require more frequent visits.

Why is it so important to have professional furnace and duct cleaning in Calgary, Alberta? Well, it keeps your HVAC system working efficiently. See, when your furnace and ducts are coated with debris and dirt, it builds up over time and causes your HVAC system to work a lot harder than necessary just to push out filtered air, which increases your energy costs.

Just think about all the time you spend in your home. If you spend a couple hours awake each day in your home, plus at least 8 hours at night sleeping, consider how many hours a week you are left exposed to poor air quality. This can start to affect your health negatively.

What Are Some Perks of Professional Furnace & Duct Cleaning in Calgary?

The best and easiest way to keep your air quality great and your loved ones happy and healthy is with professional duct and furnace cleaning in Calgary, AB. Here are some perks that a professional cleaning can provide:

  1. Reduced allergies. Allergy symptoms can occur to those who don’t even have allergies if a home’s ducts are unclean. Accumulation of pet fur, debris and dust, etc., can worsen asthma and allergy symptoms.
  2. Longer HVAC lifespan. The more dust and debris there is in your home, the harder your HVAC system has to work to clear it. This prolonged unnecessary effort can reduce your HVAC’s lifespan.
  3. Mitigated fire risk. Homes with a lot of dust are at higher risk of residential fire. Electrical fires start easier when there’s a lot of dry dust to catch. Dust has been proven to catch fire, create a flash fire, or even cause explosions.
  4. Reduced level of toxins in home. Mold, bacteria, and mildew can accumulate with time and raise the toxin level in your home.
  5. Reduced odour. Dealing with odours in your home can be difficult. Duct cleaning can get those “difficult to find” odour sources and clear them up, pronto.
  6. Overall reduced level of debris. Regular cleaning can help even the cleanest of homeowners reduce their debris and dust levels and prevent pests.
  7. Lower electricity costs. If your HVAC system is working harder, your electricity costs will go up. Regular cleaning can help you save money on your utility bills.

How long does a professional FURNACE & Duct Cleaning in Calgary take & what equipment is used?

In Calgary, residences may expect a professional furnace and duct cleaning job to only take about 2 hours depending on size and difficulty. If you ever see a company advertising their cleaning jobs as taking under 1hr, be highly cautioned! We believe that the job should be done thoroughly, meaning it might take a little longer for the highest quality capabilities.

As for equipment, we will use materials and tools similar to what you might be using to do your own DIY cleaning, but of a professional caliber. This includes microfiber cloths, sanitizing spray, vacuums with special nozzles, brushes specific for knocking away dust, etc.

When we clean your system, we do a full job. This means going through every component, including air conditioning coils, furnace, ductwork, heating recovery ventilators, and more. We use a wide array of different equipment to clean your system to our best ability.

We are happy to discuss with you what your cleaning needs are and can go into further detail about our duct and furnace cleaning services in Calgary over the phone. We also offer other services, like carpet cleaning, tile & grout, dryer vent cleaning, and more.


Big Ben Cleaning Services offers the best, professional furnace & duct cleaning in Calgary, Airdrie, Cochrane, Chestermere, Okotoks or any of the surrounding areas. We also service commercial, healthcare and other facilities to restore the state of your carpets. Give us a call today at (403) 460-8989 to schedule an appointment








Trust the oldest and leading furnace and duct cleaning service in Calgary to ensure that you’re getting high-quality results. We don’t take shortcuts because we know that what we do will affect your family’s health and well-being.

We’ll provide you with before and after pictures of your furnace and air ducts through your e-invoice. Here you’ll see that you are indeed getting what you paid for – a clean furnace working at full capacity. Many times we have cleaned areas and debris that other furnace cleaning companies have left behind and have the pictures to prove it.

Our Experience

Big Ben Cleaning Services have been providing professional cleaning services in residential and commercial areas since 1987. We have a very successful business model, workmanship and customer service. You’ll get high-quality services that are done properly every time. Our technicians are all fully IICRC certified and our team provides exceptional customer service.

Dedication to Quality

Big Ben’s cleaning staff are certified, insured, and receive ongoing training so that they are kept up to date with all the latest trends and safety regulations. This allows them to use our professional equipment expertly and get your home sparkling in no time. The cleaning supplies we use are eco-friendly and non-toxic as well so you won’t have to worry about your children or pets once we leave.

Customer Service

We are incredibly proud of our team and their dedication to exceptional customer service. From the first call to our certified technicians, you will be treated like family every step of the way. Your technicians will provide you with the communication that you deserve.

Our Company Guarantee

We are 100% confident in our certified cleaning technicians and our equipment. Simply put – you will not get a better clean anywhere else, and that is a guarantee! If you are concerned in any way with our service or with the final result, simply give us a call, and we will make sure to resolve any issues you may have.

Why Big Ben Cleaning Services in CALGARY and More Frequently Asked Questions

We are so proud of our team here at Big Ben and all our technicians’ dedication to the utmost customer service. From the first moment you call us to when our certified technicians come to visit your home, we promise to treat you like family. Since our humble beginnings in 1987, we have been working diligently to service Calgary and the surrounding areas.

Costs for furnace & duct cleaning may vary depending on the size of your home, the length and intensity of the job, and more. Factors impacting cost can also include the accessibility of your system and what equipment is needed, as well as if you have any custom-designed ducts, if you need mold and mildew removal, if there are any rodents in your ducts, etc. Give us a call or get a quick estimate to see your total costs.

If you are noticing chronic coughing, sneezing, throat irritation, or sore throat without actually being sick, this is a surefire sign that your furnace & ducts may need a professional cleaning. Sometimes you can experience headaches, low-grade fever, etc. You may notice a bad odour, despite all your odour elimination methods. You may notice your countertops and appliances are continuously dusty despite regular dusting. This is a sign that your furnace & ducts require a cleaning.

Regular professional air duct cleaning in Calgary can reduce dander and pet odour. Shedding, for many pet owners, is inevitable, so having the hair occasionally cleared out can do wonders for your home’s cleanliness. Furnace & duct cleaning is 100% safe for you, your family and your pets and can help to improve the air quality.


No matter where you are, our team is here to help! We proudly serve Calgary, Airdrie, Okotoks, Chestermere, Cochrane, Banff Canmore & the Rockies


Life’s too short to have a company come to your residence or business to do a sub-par job! If you want the job done right the first time, then it’s time to call Big Ben Cleaning Services.

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