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The origin of carpets dates back 2,500 years to today’s Iran, and both carpets and rugs nowadays serve to provide an aesthetic appeal to your home while also enhancing comfort. Carpets can quickly turn a bare room into something much more appealing and homely. However, carpets aren’t self-cleaning and require attention in order to remain fresh and appealing.  

During your carpet’s lifespan, we recommend you schedule a professional carpet cleaning. Big Ben, a dedicated cleaning company that has been helping residents of Chestermere love their home even more for years, offers top-of-the-line carpet cleaning services. As your trusted carpet cleaners in Chestermere, we make sure your clean home is also a healthy home. Thoroughly cleaned carpets are a great way to do just that.  

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Why Get Your CARPEts
professionally cleaned?

The benefits of professional carpet cleaning are almost too many to be named. If you didn’t already know, your home can house a lot of dirt, dust, and even allergens. Your standard home can house up to 40lbs of dust at any point of the year, which when left to settle in your carpet or even circulate in your air can cause allergy symptoms, health issues, and can generally impact your quality of life. While we do recommend regular carpet upkeep, your carpets will also greatly benefit from a professional cleaning every year. 

Enter Big Ben Cleaning, your best carpet cleaner in Chestermere. We use heavy-duty, truck-mounted cleaning units to ensure that the cleaning job is done the best it possibly can be, so that your carpets look fresh and clean when we’re finished! Check out our guide to carpet cleaning for those quick cleans in-between your schedule professional cleans.

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Here at Big Ben Cleaning, our Chestermere carpet cleaners are happy to help you, whether you need a clean at your home, at a place of business, at a healthcare facility, or other property. Give us a call today at (403) 460-8989. We’re also happy to provide our services to any other of our service areas, including Airdrie, Calgary, Cochrane, or the surrounding areas. 







What Are Some Benefits for Professionally cleaning your carpets in CHESTERMERE ?

There are various advantages to scheduling regular professional rug cleaning in Chestermere, a great deal of which pertain to the health of you and your household. 

It may come as a surprise to you, but it’s true: the condition of your carpets can have an influence on your health. Carpets collect pollutants and allergens such as pet dander, particle pollution, mould spores, grime, pesticides, and dust. These cling to microscopic particles, which burrow deep into our carpets and fester the longer they go without a clean. This is worse in areas that are high-dust or are home to one or more pets. 

The connection of allergens and carpets is no new subject. You may be shocked to learn just how greatly your carpets’ health can impact your household’s health, particularly those with allergens. 

Your carpet’s lifespan may also be increased by routine carpet cleaning, which will keep it looking new. Carpets do tend to shoulder a particular load each day, especially those in places with high foot traffic. Clean carpets may help remove dirt and stains from heavy traffic areas, as well as contribute to the overall sense of a much “cleaner” house.  

When Do I Need to Get My Carpets Professionally Cleaned?

If it’s been a while since your last carpet cleaning or if you’ve recently had a renovation, it’s time to have your carpet cleaned. Although getting your carpets professionally cleaned once a year is advised, if you have pets or live in a particularly dusty environment, or in a smoking household, you may want to do it every six months. 

To maintain your carpets cleanliness and durability, we suggest investing in a Chestermere professional carpet cleaning service. Professional carpet cleaning is another service offered by Big Ben Cleaning Services in Airdrie, Cochrane, Calgary, or any other nearby regions. We also aid with odour removal, tile and grout cleaning, and other services to enhance the wellbeing and comfort of your home. 


Our Experience

Big Ben Cleaning Services have been providing professional cleaning services in residential and commercial areas since 1987. We have a very successful business model, workmanship and customer service. You’ll get high-quality services that are done properly every time.

Dedication to Quality

Big Ben’s cleaning staff are certified, insured, and receive ongoing training so that they are kept up to date with all the latest trends and safety regulations. This allows them to use our professional equipment expertly and get your home sparkling in no time.The cleaning supplies we use are eco-friendly and non-toxic as well so you won’t have to worry about your children or pets once we leave.

Customer Service

We are incredibly proud of our team and their dedication to exceptional customer service. From the first call to our certified technicians, you will be treated like family every step of the way. Your technicians will provide you with the communication that you deserve.

Our Company Guarantee

We are 100% confident in our certified cleaning technicians and our equipment. Simply put – you will not get a better clean anywhere else, and that is a guarantee! If you are concerned in any way with our service or with the final result, simply give us a call, and we will make sure to resolve any issues you may have.

Chestermere Carpet Cleaning FAQs

Big Ben Cleaning is here to explain why it’s so important to have your carpets professionally cleaned at your house. There are many good reasons to do this. We recognize and understand that you may have inquiries. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get regarding rug cleaning in Chestermere.  

While it depends on what you most prioritize in your home, there is a prominent link between household cleanliness and a household’s mental health. A cleaner, nicer looking home gives a better sense of order and control, plus familiarity and consistency. It can even improve focus! The act of cleaning, for many, can help to regulate emotions, so we advise doing your own carpet upkeep between professional scheduling. 

While the process varies depending on your home and carpet situation, the process of carpet cleaning often involves a pre-inspection, pre-spray, pre-spot, agitation, extraction, rinse, neutralization, and so on. After the dirty work, there’s a post-spot, groom, speed dry, and final inspection. 

Many other Chestermere carpet cleaners lack the experience that Big Ben does. Our specialists are all thoroughly trained, and we have been providing services to commercial and residential locations since 1987. Since we have complete faith in the quality of our cleaning work, we will address any concerns you may have if you’re not happy with the outcome. All you have to do is call! 

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