How We Protect Our Customers, Employees and our Families from COVID-19

by | Apr 15, 2020 | COVID-19

We are living through unprecedented times. Yes, there have been pandemics before but it’s fair to say that the globe going into stay-at-home orders and various states of lockdown is, at the very least extraordinary. We recognize that the furnace, tile or carpet you were planning to get cleaned has likely taken a back seat to making sure that your son or daughter can stay on track as their school has moved online. There may be other questions you may have as to “whether or not we could even get our carpets cleaned if we wanted to” or “what about social distancing when you are stuck in your home?”

Since we fall under the home maintenance section of essential services, we are still able to operate and book the job should a customer choose. We’ve also ramped up our disinfection services to help people cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. As a further precaution, we have implemented a number of protocols to ensure the safety of our customers, our employees and our families.

Big Ben protocol to protect yourself and others:


Basic public protocols include:

  • wash hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds
  • cover coughs and sneezes with a tissue or your elbow
  • avoid face touching with unwashed hands
  • practice social distancing – try to maintain at least 6’ distance from every person at all times.
  • be sure to wipe down/sanitize common held items like steering wheel, cell phone and tools several times during the day.

Additional protocols:

  • Daily self-assessment, should any staff be presenting symptoms they are to self-isolate until they have proper authorization to return to work. 
  • When booking a job, talking to a client/homeowner or meeting a client at the job site we will ask if they or anyone in their household has symptoms or has travelled outside of the country in the past 2 weeks. If any answers are positive contact your supervisor for further instructions. (staff will never have to enter a workspace that they do not feel comfortable doing so. Should PPE and masks be required they will be available). 
  • Wear rubber gloves and masks at all of our worksites, changing after each job and practicing proper hand washing/sanitization several times during the day. Carry hand sanitizer or sanitizing sheets in all of our vehicles.
  • Travel outside Canada is not permitted at this time

As unusual, sometimes even awkward as some of these measures are, they are for your protection as well as ours. We would ask for your patience and understanding as we institute safe practices to ensure the health of everyone involved. In doing so, we can still offer our cleaning and sanitizing services that you have come to trust in, even during this time of uncertainty.  Our main goal is to leave your home cleaner and safer than before we entered it.