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Professional carpet cleaning, tile, grout and furnace cleaning are services of inevitable maintenance that every home owner eventually has to do. Big Ben is here to help you get the most out of your spring cleaning with some big savings on our fantastic supplemental services.


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Furnace and Duct Cleaning


When having your furnace and ducts cleaned, why not have them sanitized as well?

We recommend this service for any one who may be concerned about the quality of air in your home particularly if anyone in your home suffers from allergies. Cleaning the furnace and ducts will get rid of dust and foreign particulate but sanitizing neutralizes and kills bacteria and allergens that may lurk in your furnace duct work.

We highly recommend sanitizing if your furnace has not been cleaned within the last 5 years .

Carpet Cleaning in Calgary Alberta


We may leave your home with the carpets cleaned but wouldn’t it be nice to have them smelling fresh as well?

Deodorizer is especially valuable if you have pets that roam the carpet. Pet fur has oils whichsoak into the fibres of the carpet. When we penetrate those fibres with steam during the cleaning process, it activates those oils releasing a smell. The carpet may indeed be cleaned but through the process, without deodorizer you may notice your home takes on the smell of a wet dog.

Using deodorizer ensures that the only smell we leave behind is the scent of freshness.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Calgary


We all know that Scotchgard protects carpet and upholstery by delaying a liquid from soaking in but did you know that it breaks down in heavily used and traffic areas?

This is why you may notice a liquid may not penetrate the armrest of a chair but will soak into the seat.

We recommend adding Scotchgard every two years on your carpet and upholstery cleanings for optimum protection.

Dryer Vent Cleaning Services Calgary

Dryer Vent Cleaning

If you’ve noticed that your dryer doesn’t seem to be what it used to, it might not be the dryer.

Over time dryer vent ducts get choked off with lint and other debris. Because they are warm places we often find birds and other nests in them further restricting airflow.

All of this not only restricts airflow which your dryer needs to function properly but also is pushing high heat into combustible materials with restricted airflow. At best this can affect your dryers efficiency, thwarting its capacity, raising your utility bills and reducing the life ofthe appliance.

In the worst case, they can lead to and indeed are a leading source of home fires. This is an inexpensive service.

A few dollars of preventative service could save you thousands of dollars worth of headache.

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